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Multi-Speciality Hospital


Welcome to the pinnacle of healthcare excellence at the Multi-specialty Hospital within Windlass River Valley, a haven of health and healing situated within our thriving township. Boasting a remarkable 225-bed capacity, our state-of-the-art hospital is dedicated to providing comprehensive medical care with a commitment to patient-centric services.

With a Total Built-up Area of 250,000 sq.ft., the hospital stands as a testament to our dedication to both comfort and care. Our cutting-edge facilities encompass various specialties, ensuring that patients receive the highest standards of medical attention across diverse healthcare needs. From advanced diagnostics to top-tier surgical interventions, our hospital is equipped to meet the evolving demands of modern healthcare.

In synergy with our commitment to education and community well-being, the hospital proudly houses an adjoining Nursing College Facility. This integration not only ensures a steady stream of well-trained healthcare professionals but also reflects our holistic approach to healthcare and education. At Windlass River Valley's Multi-specialty Hospital, we merge technology, expertise, and compassion to create an environment where every patient receives personalized and effective medical care. Experience a harmonious blend of comfort and care, as we redefine healthcare within the heart of our vibrant township.

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