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Hospitality at Windlass River Valley

Windlass River Valley embodies a distinctive hospitality ethos, ensuring that our residents experience a sense of community and have their every need met by our proficient Estate Management Team.

Concierge Services

Our residents enjoy the luxury of a concierge service akin to a 5-star hotel. Whether it's arranging hotel accommodations, travel bookings, cab services, or assistance with personal party planning, legal matters, or chartered accountancy contacts, our dedicated team is at their disposal. Recognizing the diverse origins of our residents, particularly those not native to Dehradun, our aim is to foster their comfort in our society and city. With an array of empaneled service providers and a continuous effort to expand our network, we strive to cater to the unique needs of our residents seamlessly.

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Community Events

At Windlass, we curate regular events to foster a genuine sense of community among our residents. Living in a township is not just about a physical space; it's about cultivating meaningful connections. Our Saturday Happy Hours, featuring games, activities, and snacks, serve as a delightful avenue for residents to interact. Furthermore, we orchestrate elaborate celebrations for national holidays and festivals, uniting our diverse community. Organized trips are a regular feature, offering residents the chance to explore together and create lasting bonds.

24X7 Maintenance Team (MyGate App):

Efficiency is paramount in our approach to maintenance. We've implemented the MyGate app in our township, streamlining the process for residents to raise maintenance concerns. Operating on a 12-hour Turnaround Time (TAT) for each complaint, we ensure residents are kept informed of progress. With 24X7 emergency services, residents can register requests promptly. Our commitment to delivering exceptional quality and service distinguishes us within the realm of apartment complexes.

Plumber at Work

Windlass River Valley 
Estate Management Team

+91 70550 07104

For Resale/Rental Contact at :

+91 70550 07125

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