Windlass: Name Entrusted Since 75 Years

windlass steelcraft75 years ago, in 1943, Windlass Group was incorporated at ‘Ghanta Ghar’ of Dehradun, state capital of Uttarakhand. Since then the group has given employment to 2000 people globally. Headquartered at the Haridwar Road, Dehradun, Windlass is the only name in the state to be known world-wide.

Windlass is a trademark of precision, Quality, Integrity, Trust and commitment towards the on-time delivery.

Windlass began its journey in 1941 when a young and motivated 22 year-old Mr Ved Prakash Windlass moved from Ambala Cantonment to the Doon Valley. He started working as a government contractor and later  started his own cutlery unit in 1943 by the name of ‘Windlass Steel Crafts’ (WSC).

British Gorkha Regiment offered WSC a contract to build the precarious and exceptional combat knife, the Khukri. Mr. Windlass worked very hard to fulfil the requirements of the Regiment and built his company with the help of local talent and craftsmen. Mr. V.P. Windlass was the first to set up his business single handedly in Dehradun.

He not only developed the city into a business center but also offered employment to the natives by setting up the industry in the heart of the city. Windlass Steel Crafts is commonly known as the Khukri Factory.

Following the footsteps of Mr. Windlass, his son Mr. Sudhir Windlass stepped into the business and introduced modern techniques and focused on the expansion of the industry. Being a visionary, Mr. Sudhir Windlass- streamlined the manufacturing unit by bringing every essential element under one roof. He preferred turning WSC into a combination of many factories instead of outsourcing, and in return it opened the gates of employment for more locals.

Over the years the group has worked successfully in the fields of Steel Fabrication, Sword Manufacturing, Real-Estate, Infrastructure, Hospitality, Garment Manufacturing, Oilfield Equipment Manufacturing amongst other things.

It was the dedication and hard work of Mr. Ved Prakash Windlass that in the past 75 years the Windlass Group has successfully managed to spread its name globally. It is the legacy of Mr. Windlass that his sons and grandchildren and upholding by imprinting the name of the company internationally.

History & Group Overview


The journey of Windlass Group began when Shri Ved Prakash Windlass moved from Ambala Cantt to Dehradun at the young age of 22 and decided to make Dehradun his home.



After working as a government contractor Shri Ved Prakash Windlass started his own cutlery unit by the name of Windlass Steelcrafts and started manufacturing and supplying ‘Khukri’s’ to the British Gurkha Regiments. During the early days of Independence, Windlass continued supplying to the British in Malaysia and Singapore. In 1965, Windlass received its first order from the indian Army and established itself as a leading knife maker in India.



Shri Ved Prakash Windlass sons, Sudhir and Pradeep Windlass took the small company to the global front forming an alliance with buyers in Europe and USA and soon became a major suplier of dress swords and sabers to the US Marine Corps.



Windlass Steelcrafts kept expanding in the global market to establish its place as a foremost supplier of military swords and armaments and started being recognized as an industry leader.



Windlass Group constructed the first commercial shopping mall in dehradun, Windlass Shopping Complex at the Clock Tower, Rajpur Road which revolutionized the retail and commercial landscape of the city.



Windlass Group took full ownership of Atlanta Cutlery Corporation, USA, and attained a strong foothold in the United States of America. Windlass Group also started manufacturing products and props for blockbuster Hollywood movies & shows such as, Gladiator, Lord of the Rings, Troy, Game of Thrones, etc. Museum Replicas Limited was set up as a subsdiary of Atlanta Cutlery in the US.



Windlass Group started constructing and operating a business hotel, Hotel Ambassador on Rajpur Road, Dehradun in 1998 which is still one of the most sought after hotels due to its central locations and facilities.



In 2001, Windlass Group ventured into the pharmaceutical industry by launching Windlass Biotech Limited. It has one WHO & one FDA approved plant in Dehradun & they market and distribute drugs all over the world. These are owned & operated by Shri Ashok Windlass and his sons.



Windlass Group launched Windlass Engineers and Services Pvt. Ltd., manufacturing high quality and precision based oil field equipment



Windlass Residency was launched in 2006 and was completed and delivered before time to the customers. It consists of 112 – 3 BHK apartments and is still one of the most sought after and vibrant communities in Dehradun.



Windlass Engineers and Services kept expanding its global footprint across Asia, USA, Europe, Middle East & Africa and opened warehousing, service and manufacturing facilities in Houston, USA and Dubai.



Windlass acquired Toledo sword makers Marto & Bermejo and emerged as the largest producer of swords in the world. Windlass Sword Company, Toledo supplies its products to all leading armies of the world.


2015 & Onwards

Windlass Developer Pvt. Ltd. came into being and launched ‘Windlass River Valley, The Smart Township’, the biggest housing township of 60 lakhs square feet construction area in Dehradun, Uttarkahand.

Windlass Group is constantly innovating and expanding in their respective fields.

Our Global Footprint

Windlass Group has been constantly expanding and establishing its name all over the world