Active Lifestyle!

We believe that one retires from work, not from life! It has also been proved that learning new skills and staying mentally and physically active keeps many diseases away. To make most of your post-working years, the activity center & the Golden Residences Club together offers you so many options that you will be spoilt for choice! You may find the opportunity and facilities to pursue a hobby or discover a new passion. Participate in group activities or be on your own! Choose your own pace! We will also help you set up hobby clubs for gardening, dance, drama, singing or whatever takes your fancy. Improve your flexibility and health at the wellness center, which will also be the venue for meditation sessions, meetings, discussions & seminars or take a walk to the Mandir and attend the daily morning & evening Aarti , Hawan & Bhajan or enjoy watching the kids playing at the swimming pools and the kids play areas.

Food & Dining Facilities

Windlass Golden Residences offers the option of alternate dining apart from your own kitchen. The Menu will have specially made food to give ‘Home- cooked’ taste with low salt & oil option to meet the requirement of the seniors. Good quality, hygienic and tasty food prepared in a neat & clean environment that is our promise to you! If you feel like taking it easy, the meal will be home delivered. Celebrate your Birthday, Wedding Anniversary, get-together or entertain guests at the dining hall. Your visitors as well as house guests are also welcome. Dining facilities come with flexible plans and options on a pay by use basis.

Healthy Living & Health Care

Studies done in senior living projects abroad shows that the residents of such communities live over 23% longer. Health care professionals in India also endorse the view that the key to live longer and healthier is to enjoy everything in moderation, surround yourself with like-minded friends and continue to stay mentally and physically active. The facilities at Windlass Golden Residences from Yoga to meditation sessions, recreation to pleasant walkways to fitness park & swimming pool to activity center to wellness center, all add up to a healthy lifestyle, which as they say, is the “best medicine”.

Safe & Secured Campus

It is reassuring that Dehradun is a safe and peaceful city. Our trained, experienced and friendly Security guards will be deployed round-the-clock, patrolling the area and available to assist residents, as and when required. For additional peace of mind, emergency response systems are installed in each apartment, connected to a central control room manned by a trained personnel to ensure immediate action. He will also monitor CCTV cameras installed at strategic points including lift. An intercom facility ensures that only known visitors enter the premises. The provision of visitor’s smart card also ensures the visitors entry in specific block only. The concierge services at each block will be a special feature, which will not only strengthen security but also serve the needs of the residents. Windlass Golden Residences also facilitates liaison with the local police for enhanced security and verification of all staff [Including domestic maid & vendors].

Facilities & Services

Windlass Golden Residences is a vibrant, warm, fun-loving community for seniors who are lucky enough to be 50 or older. Residents at Windlass Golden Residences will enjoy the freedom to choose among a long list of outstanding on-site facilities, services and activities or can take off on their own to pursue what is important to them whether it’s travel, volunteering, or pursuing a new interest without the responsibilities and stress of maintenance, cooking, laundry etc.

Not out at 60

Engage again with your expertise, lead and teach to reopen your horizons.

With growing age, people more often start depending on their children or the younger generation but the concept of nuclear family has created hurdles for many such self reliant citizens.

The elderly are inept in completing their daily jobs and living unaided can be a hassle for leading a normal life. Seniors tend to suffer from various health-related issues due to loneliness and growing age, subsequently; it becomes essential to keep them busy and engaged with different activities. In this scenario the concept of owning independent houses in cities and surrounding areas has turned out to be insignificant.

For any elderly couple it is very important to be socially engaged and desegregated from the community and to have a sense of security and togetherness.

Windlass River Valley is designed to deliver a cohesive community where every resident is closely connected with each other and also enjoys their privacy when required. Being in a community setting also allows healthy and active seniors to get involved in activities in the township:

  • Serve in commercial establishments at Windlass River Valley
  • Entrepreneurs in Residence Program
  • Arts, Sports, Music, Science & much more
activities senior living

Windlass Smart Card

Unique Customer ID

A modern looking brand new card that will act as a personalized ID. Capturing your name, unit details and your township membership

Cashless Transactions

Use the card seamlessly at grocery shops, pharmacies, saloons, daily needs stores in the township without having to worry about carrying cash all the time. Cashless transaction will allow for faster and smoother operation around the township


Gain access to secured township gates, parking lots, restricted areas etc by showing your Windlass Smart card

Windlass Advantage Club

24×7 Maintenance Service

Call us around the clock with your Unique ID number for Carpentry/Plumbing/Electrical service calls and our highly trained technicians will come by quickly to help

Vending machines

Whether you are looking for an energy drink or for a small bite, numerous vending machines around the township can be easily accessed using your Windlass Smart card

School Bus Stop & Service Lane

Separate area within the township for school bus pick and drop. Service lane next to the township along the highway.

Exclusive Access To Windlass Advantage Club

Windlass brings to you an exclusive partnership with 5000+ global brands. Avail discount at restaurants, cheaper flight and train tickets, benefits at hotel stays, discounts at Maruti, Raymond, Puma, Park Avenue and many more other brands…

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