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The population in India has been witnessing a rapid increase since a long time. Moreover, with urbanization there is a mass exodus of rural population towards the metro cities which raises major concerns like urban expansion, livability, and unemployment. The raising population on the other hand is trading with the environment and natural resources. Due to stretching populace, the amount of waste and pollution is also on the rise.

The combustion of fossil fuels like coal, petroleum and other combustibles emit hazardous pollutants in the air and water. The solid waste is dumped in the open areas and the wet waste is drained out in rivers and waterways. As whole pollutants are mixing up in air and water it results in decrease in air quality and receding groundwater level. The government is applying various measures to curb the growing pollution level which includes waste management, water and sewage treatment, etc.

Windlass Developer is tenaciously planning on constructing the best in class residential facilities while keeping the environment clean, green and healthy.  Windlass River Valley is a dream project of the Windlass Group that aims at providing premium housing facilities to the residents with a healthy and comfortable environment.

To create the best and the first integrated township in the state of Uttarakhand, Windlass Developers offers numerous facilities and smart features while keeping a pace with the government in developing a space which supports the environment altogether.

Windlass Developers chose Dehradun, the capital city for its majestic beauty and moderate climatic conditions which prove to be comfortable and healthy to the residents. The city is encased under the Himalayan mountain range and is shelled between the river Ganga and Yamuna.

Organic Waste Management

Organic Wastes are the biodegradable materials that originate from living organisms like plants or animals. Generally these wastes include food waste, fruit and vegetable peel, paper and even human and dog excreta. These are considered as the wet waste and are disintegrated by other organisms to convert into manure. This kind of waste is preferably used as compost for gardening purposes.

In an effort to keep the environment clean and healthy, organic waste management is being favored at Windlass River Valley. A lot of waste will be generated from each household living in the township and to keep the residential space clean, healthy and hygienic; Windlass Developers is installing several organic waste processing machines, which will in return provide manure for plants and trees planted in the township.

Sewage Treatment Plant

To remove the contamination of wastewater majorly from the household sewage is termed as sewage treatment. Such waste is usually drained into the natural water resources which deteriorates and affects the aquatic ecosystem. Due to the discharge of this wastage into the rivers, the pollutants enter the groundwater and other natural water resources.

To save the groundwater of Dehradun, Windlass Developers is mounting technically advanced Sewage Treatment Plant within the township to collect and treat all the sewage generated from every household. Windlass River Valley is the only project in Uttarakhand to install, operate and ensure complete treatment of all sewage generated within the township.

Water Treatment Plant

A human body comprises of 70% of fluids in the form of blood, which is formed by water. For any living being water is the most important factor of life. With the growing pollution, the necessity for clean usable water has increased to a greater extent.

Prioritizing the health and safe living of the residents, Windlass Developers ensures the supply of clean water by installing water treatment plant within the township. The water supplied to every household will be treated with state-of-art purification process to improve the quality of water to make it more adequate for the residents. Water treatment process is used to remove the contamination and undesirable components along with reducing the concentration level to make it fit for use.

Rain Water Harvesting

As per the assessment of the groundwater levels by the Central Ground Water Board, the level of water in receding resulting into drought like situations in many parts of the country. In the month of June, 2018 Shimla witnessed a terrified glimpse of shortage of water due to significant reduction of groundwater level.

Annually, Dehradun receives 1896 mm of rainfall which is higher as compared to major cities of India. But keeping in mind the receding water table, Windlass Developers is persistent in saving our natural resources for our future generation by installing Rainwater Harvesting Plant in the township to capture 100% rain water and offer it back to the ground water table to keep it recharged.

70 % Green Cover within Township

Windlass River Valley screens the lush green Rajaji National Park and is surrounded by gorgeous vegetation which keeps the environment healthy and comfortable for every age group. While protecting the existing greenery Windlass Developers is offering 70 % green cover to the residents in the form of Yoga Lawns, kids play areas and are determined to plant almost 50,000 trees in the township.

The promoters at Windlass River Valley are committed to giving back to the environment. With issues of global warming and overall pollution levels being discussed at a global level, it is important that every citizen does their bit to keep the surroundings clean. With this commitment, Windlass River Valley is installed with all the futuristic technologies so that the next generations living here  can also be proud of their surroundings, and enjoy a happy and healthy life.

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