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Integrated townships are high in demand and are found in the outskirts of busy crowded cities. The reason for such preference is because of the multi fold benefits that they provide to home seekers.

1. Abundance of Greenery

A standard feature is to have ample green space around the residence. In an integrated township, these green open spaces will allow for community-based rainwater harvesting, ground-water harvesting, as well as the ability to generate sustainable solar energy.

2. Soaring Resale Values

Integrated townships offer families to reside in peace. It surpasses the benefits of living within the city. In the past, these were never the number one choice for families due to their remoteness, lack of proper planning, and the lack of an integrated security system.

However, the modern plans have reformed and re-invented them which allow every family to equally access all benefits. They have included a wide range of amenities that are also available in cities, like Shopping Mall, School, Hospital, and newly constructed Roads that makes integrated townships a better option.

Due to a hike in demand, residences within the township come with better resale value.

3. Plethora of Amenities

Contrary to popular belief that townships don’t have half the amenities that metropolitan cities offer, these places have a wide variety of necessities as well as luxurious amenities. It is the perfect place for families.

These townships have educational institutions for students, for medical-related emergencies, there are emergency hospitals, cafe, daily needs store and pharmacies within the township itself.

What’s better is the availability of shopping zones and sports complexes, so your family can experience a holistic lifestyle without pollution and overcrowding.

4. Close Proximity to Workplace

The modern integrated townships provide minimal rented office spaces where companies can set up their workstations, and work diligently. These areas are more appealing to entrepreneurs due to the low rental costs and lesser time to travel. Employees can also benefit from walking to work with multiple residential options within walking distance. Additionally, they offer a peaceful environment for work unlike the continuous commotion in the cities, not to mention the overcrowded vehicles because of which employees always reach late to the office.

5. The Complete Infrastructure

Integrated townships, the new age format of living, gives a feeling of completeness that can be hard to find in the hustle and bustle of a city. Windlass River Valley a fully integrated smart township, being a prime standout example, where Valley Mart- Daily Needs Store, Gymkhana Club, Cafe, Pharmacy, Swimming pools, Kids play areas, Parks, Ample green space are operational & many more yet to come. Integrated townships are soaring high in the demand list for new house seekers as well as entrepreneurs. This is mainly due to their prospect for higher ROIs and peaceful life away from the chaos of cities.

The Windlass Group is the pioneer and has developed self-sustainable integrated townships at prime locations. Contact us for inquiries.


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