Quality & Strength - Backbone of Structure

Windlass River Valley is designed with a concept of providing the best and a strong and sustainable structure that gives a relief and a sense of security to the residents.The Township is fabricated using highest quality steel, cement, water proofing, conduits for electrical fittings and plumbing. These high quality resources ensure comfortable living for the residents of the smart township and a sustainable structure for lifetime.

Keeping the promise we make to our customers, we have a strict policy of buying high quality products from the best steel and cement manufactures.

Quality Parameters of the following Material


  1. FE 500 grade steel
  2. Both Chemically and Physically tested by renowned labs
  3. Procurement from Primary Manufactures exclusively (TATA, Jindal, JSW or equivalent)

Door Hardware

  1. All Door Hardware is in Stainless Steelbrush finish
  2. Four Stainless Steel Hinges on every door
  3. Door Eye in Main Door
  4. Worlds Best material "Brass" cylinder for Door Locks.


  1. OPC Grade 43
  2. Procurement from Leading manufacturers of India (Shree, JK Cement or equivalent)

Wooden Doors

  1. Highest Quality 38mm thick doors
  2. Most Elegant Hardwood Doors with Veneer Polish


  1. Vitrified Tiles
    • Full Body tiles in all rooms
    • Best-in-class weight bearing capacity of 1300 Newtons/mm sq
  2. Ceramic Tiles
    • Anti-Skid tiles for flooring
  3. Kitchen Slab
    • Granite


  1. Bathroom
    • Chrome Plated Brass Fittings
    • Premier Ceramic Disk in the Fittings
  2. Stainless Steel Sink in Kitchen

Electrical Wires & Switches

  1. FRLS (Fire Resistant Low Smoke) wires for all electrical fittings
  2. Modern Modular Switches

Aluminium Doors & Windows

  1. Powder Coated Aluminium Doors & Windows
  2. Best-in-class Toughened Glass
  3. Highest Quality 18 gauge thick aluminium panels
  4. Providing wire-mesh in sliding doors & windows

Lifts /Elevators

  1. High Quality Schindler Elevators
  2. Two elevators per tower each with a capacity of 12 and 16 (Stretch Elevator) passengers respectively
  3. Pre-installed all modern day safety devices and Automatic Rescue Device (ARD)


  1. Reinforced Concrete Walls
  2. Earthquake resistant design
  3. High quality water-proofing material are used for Toilet and terrace water proofing


  1. OBD used in all rooms
  2. Exterior to be finished in weather proof paints

Quality Control Laboratory On-Site

We at Windlass believe in testing every material and product we put in our buildings. Only if the product passes our rigorous tests are they allowed to be utilized on site. The state of the art Quality Control Lab has machines ranging from

  • Compression Testing Machine
  • Concrete Compaction Equipments
  • Core Cutter Complete
  • Cube Mould
  • Cylindrical Core Cutter
  • Electric Oven
  • Electronic Weighing Balance
  • GI & IS Tested Sieves for Fine 7 Coarse Agg.
  • Graduated Glass Cylinder
  • Graduated Jars
  • High Temper Tray
  • Laboratory Mixer
  • Palette Knife
  • Proctor Mould
  • Pycnometer & Density Basket for Gas Jar
  • Sample Divider for Sampling of Agg.
  • Sample Extruder
  • Sieve Shaker Hand Operated
  • Shovels, Trowels, Flexible
  • Sieve Shaker Hand for Fine Aggregate
  • Slump Cone WIHT Base Plate & Temping Rod
  • Standard Proctor Test
  • Steel Dolly & Steel Rammer
  • Steel Rule
  • Straight Edge
  • Water Bath
quality control lab windlass developers

We maintain a detailed quality report of all the materials and the construction that is being carried out on the site. Every layout, steel binding, shuttering is checked to ensure its compliance with the drawings and follow the pre-concrete pour card process. A thorough study of the structure is done post-concrete as well thereby ensuring implementation of perfection and timely-completion of the job.

Ready Mix Concrete Plant

Windlass River Valley has an in-house Ready Mix Concrete plant (RMC), to maintain the highest standards and to ensure the provision of best product for our customers. We are proud to claim that we have best RMC plant, Transit Mixture trucks, Stationary and Boom pump from Schwing Stetter- world’s largest and most advanced RMC plant and machine manufactures in Germany.

Mivan Shuttering Technology

Windlass Developer Pvt. Ltd is one of the leading companies in North India to bring world class construction technology to Uttarakhand. Mivan Construction technology has been used to build the most iconic and solid structures around the world, namely,

  • Raheja Corporation, Lodha Developers, Mumbai
  • L&T, Hyderabad
  • Brigade, Prestige, Shobha Developers , Banglore
  • Wave City Center, Noida
  • Burj Khalifa , Dubai
mivan building

Advantages of Mivan Form Work

Speed of Construction

  • Much faster as compared to traditional brickwork construction as a large amount of work is completed by pouring concrete into the temporary hollow structure.
  • There is no need for brick laying or plastering as all the walls and roofs are formed at the same time.
  • Finishing work such as window fixation , wall tiling and plumbing can be carried out immediately after the concrete is casted.

Building Strength & Durability

  • The walls are made of steel and reinforced concrete which provides greater stability than the columns with brick walls.
  • The walls and the floor slabs are casted simultaneously so there are no weak joints.
  • The walls surface are made of concrete which do not crack like plaster and maintains smooth surface for longer time.
  • Earthquake Seismic Resistance.

Quality of Finishing

  • The Mivan formwork is manufactured precisely, which allows the concrete to be casted as per the exact dimensions of the design.
  • Services like water supply, waste pipes , and electrical conduits can be casted into the concrete thereby protecting them for life.
  • Smooth finishing due to concrete walls.


  • Mivan technology reduces the construction time by almost half in comparison to conventional practices.
  • Since there are lesser number of joints the building faces reduced leakages hence requiring negligible maintenance.