Victor Hugo very well said, “He who opens a school door, closes a prison’. With a resilient conviction in this motto, Windlass Developer focuses on providing the best education to empower every child.

Giving wings to a child’s ambitions is the dream of every parent. There is no better way than providing high-quality education to your children.  Spread over 40,000 Sq Ft, the School at Windlass River Valley will be a K-12 full functional day school with world-class education, sporting facilities, and activities. The school will have access to all the sporting facilities of the Windlass Gymkhana Club and the child will will not only be studying but can also be trained in every sport and a multitude of activities.

Due to its location within the township, it will be very easy and secure for the children residing in the township to attend school without any travel hassle. It will truly be a world class educational institution present at your doorstep.