Ways to Make Your Home Office Work

December 28th, 2021

Work From home - Windlass River Valley

Few years back working from home was a lucrative perk available only to the high ranking executives. However, the situation changed due to Pandemic with working from home became new normal for us. Even though the idea sounds amazing, reality is quite different, especially when you have to stay home 24X7 for months at a stretch. Below are few suggestions to carve out that cosy corner for your office which will facilitate to balance work & life effortlessly.

Organize Your Desk: It does sound like some serious physical activity but trust me it’s worth the effort. Organizing your working desk will solve many problems. Keep all necessary items within reach and discard the rest.  Make sure your space is ergonomic and efficient. Arrange everything according to your priority. Don’t forget to keep a to-do list within reach.

Ambience: Place the work table near a window of your apartment. Proper light and ventilation is important. Keep the work area clean and lit some scented candles. Light music is also a good option to enhance the work environment. Set the mood right and you are good to go.

Work From Home - Windlass River Valley Dehradun

Background check before video call: Check your background and surroundings before going live on video call. You definitely don’t want to be caught in an uncomfortable situation. In fact you can keep some flowers or a book self or nice painting as your background while taking video call. Please don’t forget to mute or end the call as and when required.

Prepare yourself and others: Due to pandemic, most of the global population is experiencing isolation which can create mental and physical health issues. Please be aware of it. Even though you are working from the comfort of your home, you need to be as focused and productive as you are in office.  Prepare your family members as well by setting some rules to be followed during your work hours. Working from home reduces face-to-face interactions among colleagues. Stay in touch with them regularly to strengthen healthy working relationships.

Dedicated Workspace: To stay focused, create a dedicated workspace at your apartment. If required separate your living space from your workspace. Consider investing in a comfortable chair to eliminate any aches and pains in your back or neck. Sometimes a good pair of headphones can also help you tune out distractions to focus on work.

Investing in real estate at picturesque location:  You can invest in real estate at a picturesque location if your office permits work from home.  Windlass River Valley Township in Dehradun offers affordable apartments with all the modern amenities which can cater to your needs.

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