How Can You Make Your First Apartment Truly Feel Like Home?

February 4th, 2022

Windlass Developer

Owning an apartment is always special and if it is your first buy then the excitement is 3 fold. Finally you own a place to call home. Problem is, it is a daunting task to convert a mere space into home sweet home and I know you must be having 1001 ideas crossing your mind. Let me guide you through some to help you identify those apt for your adobe.

Chalk out a plan: Figure out your budget and plan accordingly. Determine how much you’d like to spend on the interiors and allocate appropriate amount for essential items you need. Make a checklist for the items you wish to have. If you have a smaller space, you can go for double duty furniture to stretch your money and maximize your space simultaneously.

Give a personal touch: Decorate your apartment with the items, which have sentimental values attached to them, like old family photograph or that old Kashmiri wooden side table gifted by your family. Let the warmth of the bond you develop with your home shine through. Paintings or art pieces reflecting your artistic side can bring unique personality into the space. Here the effect of paintings and the rug is adding dimension, life, and positive energy to the above space.

Plan lighting: Proper lighting is essential to brighten up your interiors effectively. Even though underrated, it plays a huge role in highlighting the aesthetic value of your home décor. Choose curtains wisely for the windows. Idea is to brighten up the space yet keeping your privacy intact. Painting walls with simple yet elegant colours can never go wrong. Don’t forget dark wash on your wall will make the room darker in absence of sufficient natural light. The lighting arrangement in the above reference picture enhances the interiors, adding loads of drama.

Some additions or alterations: Storage is important when there is a space crunch. Furniture with built-in storage should solve the problem. Place plants on shelves, centre table or hang one from the ceiling to add texture to your décor. It surely will improve the air quality and brighten up the space. Scented candles are another way to add soft glow to your place. Last but not the least, keep the place clean and organized.

Neighbourhood: Explore your new neighbourhood to get acquainted with it and you’ll start to realise how it gradually integrates into your life.

Finally, if planning interiors is too much of a hassle, Windlass Developers is going to be your one stop solution. From buying an apartment to interiors, Windlass River Valley Township in Dehradun emerges as game changer in realm of real estate.

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